88 Mischievous Facts About Kids That’ll Remind You Of Your Childhood

1Bilingual children

Bilingual children

Bilingual children appear to get a head start on empathy-related skills such as learning to take someone else's perspective. This is because they have to follow social cues to figure out which language to use with which person and in what setting.

2. Miniature Australian Shepherds have such a strong herding tendency that they'll try to herd little children.

3. Joseph Jackson tried to teach his kids a lesson about leaving their bedroom windows open, so one night while his son Michael was asleep, Joseph wore a mask, climbed through the window, and shouted at him. Michael Jackson would later have recurring nightmares of being kidnapped from his bedroom.

4. Rap artist Nelly has sent two kids to college every year for the past 10 years.

5. In the US, the "we'll be back after these messages" often seen during kid shows of the '70s, '80s, and '90s were mandated by the FCC to help children differentiate between the TV show and commercials.

6RL Stine

RL Stine

Goosebumps author RL Stine never included things like divorce, drug use, abuse in his books because he didn't want to terrify kids. He wanted kids to be sure that his stories were fantasies that could never actually happen.

7. Eventhough calculus is often taught starting only at the college level, mathematicians have shown that it can be taught to kids as young as 5, suggesting that it should be taught not just to those who pursue higher education, but rather to literally everyone in society.

8. Kids in cars are 12 times more distracting for drivers than talking on cell phones.

9. By 1932, Mickey Mouse had lost his edge since becoming a role model for children. Disney wanted to create a character to portray more negative character traits, which could no longer be bestowed on Mickey. That’s when Disney started working on a short-tempered character named Donald Duck.

10. Kindergartners in Siberia run outside in their underwears and dump freezing water over themselves to strengthen their immune systems.

11Soupy Sales

Soupy Sales

A children's entertainer named Soupy Sales once asked on-air that children send him "those funny little pieces of paper with pictures of presidents on them" from their parents' purses and wallets and was thus suspended from his show for 2 weeks

12. Kenny from South Park was actually based on a real child Trey Parker went to school. Kenny wore an orange parka that made his voice difficult to understand. Trey and the other kids also joked about Kenny "dying", as Kenny skipped school often.

13. In 2013, Medgar Evers College Preparatory School in Brooklyn had to be shut down after some 6th graders sprayed too much Axe deodorant which led to several kids being hospitalized for it.

14. Studies show that teens overestimate how much the cooler kids and jocks are drinking and having sex, and also how much the nerds are studying.

15. In 2015, two day care employees named Erica Kenny, 22, and Chanese White, 28, in New Jersey were imprisoned for running a toddler fight club among a dozen boys and girls aged 4-6.

16Jackie Coogan

Jackie Coogan

The actor who played Uncle Fester, Jackie Coogan, also starred as the kid with Charlie Chaplin in "The Kid". After his parents spent almost all of his $3-$4 million earnings, the "Coogan Bill" was passed to protect child actors. He was also a World War 2 pilot and married to Betty Grable.

17. A study surveyed on 5000 children on the video game and social habits, came to a conclusion that those playing video games on a regular basis are more satisfied with their lives, are less prone to being hyperactive, have less emotional issues than those who don’t play video games at all.

18. An FDA official named Dr. Frances Oldham Kelsey saved the US from a generation of children with birth defects such as flipper-like arms and feet by repeatedly blocking the authorization of a drug, already approved in Europe, known as Thalidomide.

19. Mars, Inc. thought E.T. to be so ugly they feared the character would frighten children and refused to allow M&Ms to be used in the movie. This opened the door to Hershey's, who took the opportunity to market Reese's Pieces.

20. The book "To train up a child" by Michael Pearl advocates the use of severe corporal punishment and even starvation to control children. It has been linked to multiple child deaths.

21Casey Heynes

Casey Heynes

The cousin of the "Internet Bully Hero" named Casey Heynes, that slams a kid on the floor at school for bullying him, committed suicide because of bullying.

22. In 1937, a gas leak in the basement of a local school in New London, Texas caused a massive explosion which killed almost 300 children and teachers, the deadliest school disaster in US history. Adolf Hitler even sent his condolences by telegram.

23. Johnny Depp's daughter named Lily-Rose Depp nearly died from an E.Coli infection and had an extended hospital stay. In order to thank the hospital for taking care of her, Depp dressed up as Jack Sparrow and read stories to kids for four hours.

24. In Billy Madison, Adam Sandler got special permission from the actors and their parents to actually hit the kids with dodgeballs.

25. With the exception of 2004, the Nickelodeon specials "Kids Pick the President" have correctly predicted the winner of every U.S. presidential election since 1988.