36 Seriously Curious Random Facts That’ll Turn Your World Around | Random List #19


26Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt

President Theodore Roosevelt kept a pet badger in the White House

27. 14th US President, Franklin Pierce recited his 3,319-word inaugural address from memory, without the aid of notes.

28. A sub-generation exists called the "Oregon Trail Generation", and consists of people born in the late '70s and early '80s.

29. Americans trust Judge Judy more than all nine justices of the United States Supreme Court

30. Depression in young people affects the stomach. Anxiety affects the skin.

31Women in space

Women in space

NASA was hesitant to send women into space because they weren't sure how their periods would affect their performance, "it was theorized that a woman could be bleed to death in microgravity"

32. To protect the final Harry Potter book from leaking to the public, a 10-million pounds security operation featuring satellite tracking systems and armed security with K-9 units was used. A Scholastic lawyer also physically sat on a copy during the flight to prevent any potential loss.

33. Aphantasia is the lack of ability to visualize images or hear sounds in your mind

34. Sand is a non-renewable resource and the world is running out of it. The construction industry alone uses billions of tons of it every year

35. A child's birthday predicts whether they get prescribed ADHD medications. This is thought to be because the immaturity of younger students in a class is misinterpreted as symptoms of ADHD.

36Mel Blanc

Mel Blanc

Mel Blanc's characterization of Daffy Duck holds the world record for the longest characterization of one animated character by his or her original actor. 52 years is the record.