32 Unusual Random Facts You Never Would Have Heard | Random List #15


26Germany Wars

Germany Wars

Germany has experienced catastrophic war centuries before World War 2, losing half of its male population during the 30-year war in 1600's.

27. A St. Bernard dog named Bamse was a mascot of the Royal Norwegian Navy during World War 2 and was known for breaking up fights amongst his crewmates. He once saved a young lieutenant commander who was being attacked by a man wielding a knife by pushing the assailant into the sea.

28. In Spanish customs, it's polite to arrive 30 minutes late to an event, get-together, etc.

29. Although Sega is commonly assumed to be a Japanese company formed in the 1980s or 1990s, it actually is American in origin, forming in the 1940s, but moving to Japan in 1951.

30. The existence of the name 'Wendy' in Britain is attributed to the character of the same name in Peter Pan.

31Nightclubs Bans

Nightclubs Bans

Japan banned nightclub dancing post-midnight during World War 2 and this ban was only lifted recently in 2016.

32. In the 2000s, there were a number of fatal disputes which arose due to the singing of the song “My Way”, popularized by Frank Sinatra in karaoke bars. It is estimates that 6 people were killed up to 2010.