25 Bizarre Groups You Should Know About


1White Rose

White Rose

The White Rose was a non-violent Nazi resistance group that made of college students and a professor. It started by releasing pamphlets against the Nazi Party and ended with the execution of 6 students and the professor.

2. There was a group of middle-aged women called “Snapists” believed that they were all married to Severus Snape on the ‘astral plane’ and that he controlled their lives. An independent researcher even published an in-depth paper on the matter.

3. In Delhi, India, there is a vigilante group of guys called the "Love Commandos" that protects young couples who are from different castes or religious backgrounds, but have fallen in love and want to marry.

4. A group of women called "The 9 Nanas" kept a secret for decades that not even their husbands knew about. For 30 years, they met at 4 am and anonymously paid bills and bought clothes for people in need. Each care package came with a homemade pound cake and a note that read "Somebody loves you."

5. There is a group of about 400 ultra-powerful and wealthy individuals who pay $100,000 to join a club called the Bel Air Circuit and then pay $4,000/month membership fee to see movies on release day in their own home theaters.

6Arlington Ladies

Arlington Ladies

Since 1948, there have been a group of ladies named the Arlington Ladies who have attended every funeral at the Arlington National Cemetery to support and comfort families and sometimes they are the only ones who attend some funerals. So they ensure that no one is ever buried alone.

7. The PayPal Mafia is an original group of PayPal founders and employees who have gone on to become one of the most successful groups of individuals in the world. The portfolio of companies they have founded includes; Tesla, Youtube, Space X, Linkedin, Yelp, and Founders Fund, to name a few.

8. From 2011 to 2013, a hacker group named Xbox Underground repeatedly broke into Microsoft's computer network using stolen credentials. They even were able to walk into Microsoft's headquarters in Redmond. Walking out again, they took three unreleased Xbox One dev kits with them.

9. The Vestal Virgins were a group of 6 women who were recruited at the age of 6 to tend the flame of the Goddess Vesta in Ancient Rome. Expected to serve for 30 years, if their virginity ever came into question they were be buried alive as punishment.

10. The Edelweiss Pirates was a youth group in Nazi Germany dedicated to opposing the Hitler Youth. Their resistance included spreading Ally propaganda in Germany, aiding German deserters, and even starting street fights with the Hitler Youth whenever possible.

11Grandpa Gang

Grandpa Gang

The “Grandpa Gang,” was a group of men the oldest being 76, who committed the biggest bank robbery in English history. After climbing down an elevator shaft and drilling through a concrete wall they stole more than $200 million in cash and jewels.

12. The 50-Cent Party is a group of trained internet commentators who are paid 50 cents per post by the Chinese government to sway public opinion in their favor.

13. In the early 1900s, a group of U.S. government scientists started a private dinner club, in which they only ate poisonous food. They documented their illnesses in order to convince Congress to pass food safety laws. They were called "The Poison Squad."

14. In Quito, Ecuador, a group of vigilantes known as “Acciōn Ortogrāfica Quito” go around correcting all the bad grammar they find in graffiti.

15. Japan's largest Yakuza group, the Yamaguchi-Gumi, holds an annual Halloween party for neighborhood children in Kobe. "Not only were the decorations great and the gift bags full of tasty stuff, there were two big lines for cotton candy. And the gangsters were super nice."

16Cultural guerrillas

Cultural guerrillas

“Cultural guerrillas” is a group of illegal restorers who once broke into the Paris Panthéon, set up a secret workshop, and then repaired the monument's broken clock.

17. The “Just Missed it Club” were a group of people who, for one reason or another did not sail on the Titanic. One of these members was Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt, son of the late shipping and railroad mogul Cornelius Vanderbilt. He died in the Lusitania disaster 3 years later.

18. The Iron Front was a democratic paramilitary group that opposed the Nazis in the early 1930s, and whose flag was designed to cross out the Swastika if superimposed on a Nazi flag.

19. In Russia, there is a group of boys who attempt to force traffic regulations in Russia, which can vary from blocking cars driving on sidewalks, to placing stickers on cars who park in an illegal spot too. The group is called “Stop a Douchebag.”

20. A group of women navigated canvas and plywood planes at night to drop 23,000 tons of bombs over invading German armies during World War 2. Their stealthy swooshing sounds led them to be known as the “Night Witches.”



The Cagots were a group of people that did not differ in race, language, or culture from the people around them and despite this, they were hated and persecuted for centuries, and historians still aren't sure why.

22. To protect themselves from police and male vigilantes during protests, groups of suffragettes began practicing ju-jitsu and even armed themselves with clubs hidden in their dresses. They were nicknamed “Amazons” by the press.

23. The Pink Panthers was a group of international jewel thieves, who committed 341 robberies in 35 different countries, and successfully got away with nearly half a billion dollars’ worth of jewels for 15 years until they were caught in 2018 in Serbia.

24. There is a group named Ink 180 which offers free cover-up tattoos to victims of human trafficking, who are sometimes tattooed with large barcodes by their captors.

25. Kakumei-Teki Himote Doumei a.k.a the “Revolutionary Alliance of Men Who Women Are Not Attracted To” is a Japanese group who protest against Valentine’s Day and “Romantic Capitalists”. It was founded when the founder broke up with his girlfriend, went home, and started reading the Communist Manifesto.