15 Fast & Heavy Facts About Trains That’ll Move You


11Train track

Train track

There is a rare old train track running through Germany, but it all lies on Belgian soil. This creates five chunks of German land which are not actually connected to the rest of Germany.

12Train Wheels

Train Wheels

Trains stay on the tracks because of weight and the angle of the wheels, not the lip or flange on the inside of the wheel.

13Train on Ferry

Train on Ferry

The passenger trains between the German city of Puttgarden and the Danish city of Rødby take the ferry to get from one side to the other.

14Mauritania Railway

Mauritania Railway

Mauritania Railway is a 430-mile long railway line laid across the Sahara Desert in Africa whose sole purpose is to transport iron ore with 3-kilometer longs trains.

15German railways

German railways

German railways during World War 2 forced adult prisoners to pay 4 pennies per kilometer while on their journey to death camps but children under the age of 4 traveled for free.