Me and my two brothers wanted

Me and my two brothers wanted to give my grandma nice birthday gifts.

My two brothers, both more wealthy than me, bought a brand new car and a beautiful cabin on lakefront property respectively.

I couldn’t afford anything other than a talking parrot.

However, this could’ve worked well for me because this particular bird was trained to quote Bible verses and my grandmother is very religious.

A week after her birthday, we each received a Thank you letter from grandma.

To my first brother: “Hi darling.

Thank you for the new car, but my eyes and ears aren’t what they used to be and I’m not sure I can drive anymore. But, thank you so much because it’s the thought that counts. Love, Nana”

To my other brother:

“Hello, dear child. Thank you for the cabin, but I’m afraid my eyesight isn’t what it used to be, and I can’t fully appreciate the view.

But, thanks again sweetheart, it’s the thought that counts. Love, Nana.”

To me: “Hello, sweety. I know you can’t afford a great deal, but I appreciate what you gave me so much.
It was precisely what I needed.

The chicken was delicious. Love, Nana.