Before Smartphones

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A chap walks into a pub carrying two suitcases. He puts them down and orders a drink. As he pays the barman notices that he is wearing a large watch.

‘That’s a large watch’ says the barman (see I told you!)

‘This watch,’ says the man, ‘is the very latest in high-tech gadgetry. It’ll tell you the time anywhere in the world. It’s got GPS positioning, sat nav, and night vision. You can surf the net, make and receive telephone calls, and it’s got TV built in. That’s Sky, Terrestrial and Sultana Sport by the way, and you can download the latest movies which it projects through a micro projector onto any flat surface.’

‘That’s amazing says the barman, how much did that set you back?’

’50 quid.’

’50 Quid?! You’re joking!’

‘No, in fact, I’ll sell it to you for £55 if you like.’

‘Done!’ says the barman and hands over the cash. The bloke hands over the watch and the barman straps it on and starts admiring it and playing with the buttons. The man finishes his drink and goes to leave.

‘Mate’ says the barman, ‘you’ve forgotten your suitcases.’

‘Suitcases? Oh no, they’re the batteries!’