An Elderly Pastor Joe knew That Ole Ben Was A Saturday Night Boozer

An elderly Pastor Joe knew that ole Ben was a Saturday night boozer.

He always came to church on Sunday morning, but always fell asleep from his Saturday night binges.

Pastor Joe told Ben that he was going to call on Ben at the end of the service.

He was going to ask him what the last song was sung.

If he could tell the congregation the name of the song, he could choose the closing song.

Ben fought hard to stay awake and listen as Pastor Joe preached on the evils of alcohol and how every last drop should be gathered up and thrown in the river.

It came time for the question to Ben, okay Ben, what was the last song we sang?

Ben said, I believe it was about some cross-eyed bear named Gladys.

Pastor Joe smiled and said.

“Well, that was pretty close, it was actually Gladly the Cross I’d Bear. Go ahead and pick our closing song. Thinking about what the Pastor had preached about doing with all the alcohol,

he smiled and said

“Shall we gather at the river”