A Shark Sees A Squid

A shark swimming under a Bridge sees a Squid swimming towards him:

“How ya goin’ Squid?” He said.

In a feeble voice, the Squid replied.

“Not too good Mr Shark.”

“Oh, crook are ya?” The shark said.

“Yeah, I am.” He said.

“Where ya going?” The Shark said.

“I was going to North Head, there’s a place there where this weed grows that’ll fix me up, but I’m too sick to go.” He said.

The shark smiled and said.

“Hop on my back and I’ll take you out there.”

The Squid thanked him and got on his back.

They arrived at the Heads and the Shark dived to the bottom outside this undersea cave.

A big grouper came out and said.

“How ya going? Shark, what brings you to over here?” He asked.

“Oh I just called in to give you that sick squid I owe you.”