A Patient Went Running To The Doctor

A patient went running to the doctor shouting and screaming in pain, saying,

“Please, doctor, you’ve got to help me. I’ve been stung by a bee.”

The doctor said,

“Don’t worry. I’ll put some cream on it.”

The patient said,

“You will never find that bee. It must be miles away by now.”

The doctor said,

“No, you don’t understand! I’ll put some cream on the place you were stung.”

The patient replied,

“Oh! It happened in the garden where I was sitting under a tree.”‘

The doctor angrily said,

“No, no. I mean, on which part of your body did that bee sting you?”

The patient, still screaming in pain, said,

“On my finger! The bee stung me on my finger, and it really hurts.”

The doctor angrily said, “Which one?”

The patient said,

“How am I supposed to know?

All bees look the same to me.”

(That’s why doctors have to have a lot of patients …)