50 Weird and Interesting World Records

26Vanna White

Vanna White

Vanna White hasn't actually turned any letters since 1997, hasn't worn an outfit more than once on the show and holds the Guinness World Record for clapping.

27. A San Francisco teen survived a 220ft plunge off the Golden Gate bridge while on a class field trip with no major injuries. When asked why he did it he said, "for kicks". (The official world record for a free fall into water is only 193ft)

28. A budgie named Puck is listed in the Guinness World Book of Records as "The bird with the largest vocabulary in the world " with a vocabulary of 1728 words. Also, he wouldn't just mimic, he would often create his own phrases and sentences.

29. "The sixth sick sheik's sixth sheep's sick" is listed by the Guinness Book of Records as the hardest tongue twister in the world.

30. Thomas Silverstein holds the world record for being isolated from the rest of the world. He has been in solitary confinement since 1983 and is still going.

31Jonathan Lee Riches

Jonathan Lee Riches

Jonathan Lee Riches got the Guinness world record for having filed the highest number of lawsuits in the world. When he heard of this, he sued the Guinness Book of World Records.

32. The world record for non-stop pushups is 10,507 by Minoru Yoshida.

33. A bomb went off in a commercial airliner, blowing it into several pieces and fell for 3 minutes before crashing on a frozen mountaintop. One woman named Vesna Vulovic survived and now holds the Guinness World Record for the highest fall survived without a parachute, at 33,330 feet.

34. Tim Storms hold the record for the world's deepest voice which goes lower than 20 Hz, the deepest possible sound that the human ear can hear.

35. Ed McGivern was able to fire five shots at five yards into a silver dollar in 45/100ths of a second, shoot six hand-thrown clays, shoot a dime on the fly and that his Guinness world record for "The greatest rapid-fire feat" still stands (1932).

36Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps holds the world record for most Olympic medals ever held but also the longest putt (160' Putt) ever televised.

37. The world record for long-distance archery is held by a guy named Matt Stutzman with no arms.

38. A cheetah named Sarah holds the record for the fastest 100-meter sprint in the world with 5.95 seconds.

39. Teddy Roosevelt once held the World Record for most hands shaken in one day, with 8510 at a White House Reception.

40. In 2014, Betty White was awarded the Guiness World Record for “Longest TV Career for an Entertainer (Female),” with a 1939 debut.



The world record for keeping a pair of ferrets in your pants is 5 hours and 30 minutes.

42. There is a "never-ending" wave in Brazil called a pororoca, attracting surf competitors from all over the world. The longest record for surfing a single wave is 37 minutes and was for a distance of 12.5 km.

43. A white guy named Snow from Canada is in the Guinness Book of World Records twice for having the best selling reggae single in US history, as well as the highest charting reggae single in history.

44. There was an armed interceptor version of the SR-71 called the Lockheed YF-12. It was the largest manned interceptor ever made and held several world records for speed and altitude. It was canceled after the secretary of defense held funding so it could be spent in the Vietnam war.

45. Widely regarded as the greatest achievement in collegiate athletics, Jesse Owens set 3 world records and tied a fourth all in the span of 45 minutes.

46Scatman John

Scatman John

Scatman John's 1994 hit came after a long jazz piano career, non-vocal due to a debilitating stutter. He later saw scatting as purposeful stuttering to be used with his lyrics to remove shame. He went on to hit #1 in 14 countries, 32 Platinum & Golds, and break world records for music sales at an age of 53.

47. A Spanish athlete named Miguel de la Quadra Salcedo added 20 meters to the javelin throw world record in 1956 using a style that was later banned due to the danger it posed to the public.

48. According to Guinness World Records, the longest recurring actor in any video game franchise is Kane, from the Command and Conquer series, played by Joseph D. Kucan.

49. The world record for most miles driven by a car is held by a Volvo P-1800S at 2,850,000 miles or about 114 times around the planet.

50. Belgium beat Iraq to get the world record for having no government for the longest time (250 days in 2011).