30 Timeless Random Facts That’ll Never Get Old | Random List #196

1Narayan Khandekar

Narayan Khandekar

A man named Narayan Khandekar protects the world's rarest colors at the Harvard Art Museum in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Some of these color are poisonous, and some are very beautiful. One of the colors is a yellow pigment originating from dried cow urine where they were only fed mango leaves.

2. Lebanon made a massive bowl of hummus to get into the Guinness Book of World Records just so people around the world can recognize that hummus is from Lebanon.

3. Archaeologists routinely find edible honey in ancient Egyptian tombs. Honey never spoils, due to extremely low water-content, very low pH, and hydrogen peroxide (made by an enzyme in the bees’ stomachs).

4. David Reale, the actor who played Glen Coco in Mean Girls wasn't even supposed to be there and never got paid - he snuck onto the set for free food.

5. The small hopping insect Issus coleoptratus uses toothed gears on its joints to precisely synchronize the kicks of its hind legs as it jumps forward. This insect has the only mechanical gears ever found in nature

6Hadza people

Hadza people

The Hadza people are an indigenous ethnic group living in north-central Tanzania. Their ancestors have occupied the area surrounding the “Cradle of Mankind” for tens of thousands of years. Their oral histories are so ancient that it is possible they reference living alongside earlier extinct hominids such as Homo erectus.

7. In the 1930s, dust storms were so severe that the static electricity generated would arc from your body to the nearest metal object and knock you head-over-heels. Two men shaking hands could literally knock each other out.

8. In 1978, three Indiana teenagers were killed when their Ford Pinto was involved in a rear-end collision. Ford was indicted on three counts of reckless homicide. Indiana v. Ford was the first time a corporation faced criminal charges for a defective product and charged with murder.

9. Adolf Dassler, who went by the name “Adi,” returned to the ruins of post-war Germany and decided to abandon his career of baking and follow his passion for making athletic gear. He then founded Adidas.

10. During the Prohibition era, the U.S. Government allowed Whiskey to be sold through pharmacies. As a result, Walgreens grew from 20 retail stores to almost 400.

11New England

New England

1816 was a year where the New England states did not have a summer. Frost and cold snaps throughout the summer months killed crops and made life miserable.

12. During the Battle of the Bulge, German troops who could speak English were air-dropped behind Allied lines while wearing American uniforms to raise confusion among the Allies.

13. Although they spend 16 hours a day in the water, hippos can't swim because they are too muscular and sink. Instead, they just run around under the surface.

14. Ants manage large-scale infrastructure projects with no coordination at all. Each ant acts alone, solving problems such as removing obstructions as they are encountered. Research points to the simple, evolutionary energy-saving principle of: "If you do not need to communicate, don't!"

15. The studies focusing on human nature and behavior overlook 85% of the people on Earth. Majority of these studies take into account a narrow slice of humanity - college students, people living near universities and highly educated residents of wealthy and industrialized countries.

16Fake lifestyle

There are companies with the fake first class plane, yacht, sports car interiors, etc so you can fake an upscale lifestyle for your social media.

17. Thousands of Americans may have died after 9/11 just because they were too afraid to fly. Since 9/11 led travelers to choose driving over flying, Cornell researchers believe that the attacks caused an estimated increase of 242 deaths per month because statistically flying is much safer than driving.

18. In 2018, tenant of a Paris flat was evicted and ordered to pay her landlord the entirety of her €47,000 short-term rental earnings for illegally subletting the property on Airbnb.

19. The guitar solos finishing "Free Bird" by Lynyrd Skynyrd were added to give lead singer Ronnie Van Zant a chance to rest while playing several sets per night.

20. The city of Topeka, Kansas was renamed to Topikachu for a day in both 1998 and 2018 to celebrate the release of new Pokémon games.

21Presidential M&M's

Presidential M&M's

Inside Airforce One, commemorative packs of red, white, and blue-colored M&M's are given to guests in lieu of cigarette boxes. This tradition was started on Nancy Reagan's request to ban smoking on Airforce One in 1988.

22. Sarah Halley Finn has been the casting director for every single Marvel movie to date (except The Incredible Hulk). She has chosen over 1000 actors for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

23. Kobe Bryant and his parents were not on speaking terms because they don't approve of his interracial marriage and because they sold his high school memorabilia.

24. Silent film comedian Buster Keaton got his start in his father's vaudeville act at the age of 3. His act would be to goad his father into throwing him across the stage, and he became so good at falling that he rarely got bruises. He was eventually billed as "The Little Boy Who Can't Be Damaged."

25. Harry Wilhelm was an unemployed veteran who memorized the entire US Constitution during the Great Depression. Rep. Sol Bloom bet he couldn't recite it perfectly. When Wilhelm proved him wrong, Bloom immediately gave him a job.