Random Fact Sheet #145 – 45 Fascinating and Obscure Facts

26Kidney transplants

Kidney transplants

Kidney transplants do not replace the old diseased kidneys but instead adds 1 or more kidneys in the lower abdomen of the body.

27. In 2012, a tourist in Iceland was arrested for running naked around the Prime Minister’s office. He explained that he had been tricked by some Icelandic girls who told him that it was tradition to run around naked on the Prime Minister's lawn.

28. The most powerful radio station ever built was so strong that locals could hear the radio in pipes, bedsprings, and pots and pans. It was located in Ohio and its broadcast covered the eastern half of the United States.

29. Prehistoric rock art in the Saharan desert indicates that there were ancient hallucinogenic mushroom cults as far back as 9,000 years ago. The mushrooms were used in rituals of a mystical-religious nature, with drawings of Gods draped with the venerated mushrooms appearing repeatedly.

30. Peter Jackson has a secret passage in his house that leads to an underground reconstruction of Bag End.

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31Trial by combat

Trial by combat

In the late Middle Ages, a man accused of murder fought the victim's dog in a trial by combat. As the dog's jaws were around his throat, he confessed and was hanged.

32. Chinese dumplings are called "Peking ravioli" in the Boston area because when Joyce Chen opened her Chinese restaurant in Cambridge she thought it would sound more appealing to the large Italian population in the area.

33. Prior to 1963, it was not uncommon for students in the United States to be required to read from The Bible as part of their elementary education. A lawsuit that went all the way to the Supreme Court, ended the practice that year.

34. The indigenous Native American tribes of Miwok in Northern California used to play a game similar to soccer. Played by both sexes, girls were allowed to do anything, including kicking the ball and picking it up and running with it, while boys were only allowed to use their feet, but if a girl was holding the ball he could pick her up and carry her.

35. The Roller Coaster Tycoon game was programmed by only one person, Chris Sawyer, in Assembly language.