Random Fact Sheet #134 – 40 Off-the-Wall Facts That Will Make You Smile

26Glacier View

Glacier View

The Alaskan town of Glacier View doesn’t get dark enough for fireworks on the July 4th. Instead, they drive cars off a cliff.

27. After learning of Martin Luther Kings's death, Robert F. Kennedy delivered a speech in the "heart of the African-American Ghetto of Indianapolis," informing the people of his death and attempting to keep the peace, as well. Indianapolis was one of the few cities that did not riot that night, thanks in part to Robert F. Kennedy's speech.

28. Roughly 30 years ago, NBA Legend Spencer Haywood chose $100,000 upfront over a 10% stake in Nike. Had he accepted the original offer, his holdings in Nike would be worth a whopping $8.62 billion.

29. Baseball Hall of Fame pitcher Rube Waddell would often be distracted by shiny things, puppies, and balloons while on the mound. He once ran off the field to chase a fire truck on the way to a fire.

30. An African flamingo known only has No. 492 escaped a Kansas zoo in 2005 and has been roaming the U.S. ever since.

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31Dwight D. Eisenhower

Dwight D. Eisenhower

When Dwight D. Eisenhower planned to visit Japan in 1960, the government called on Yakuza bosses to lend tens of thousands of their men as security guards.

32. People in Finland recycle over 90% of their cans and bottles because they get part of their money back from the cost of the product when these items are recycled.

33. Producers feared that the young actors involved would become unrecognizable, so producers filmed the final scene for How I Met Your Mother and kept it under wraps for 8 years.

34. In 2002, researcher Andrew Balmford found that eight-year-old British children could identify 80% of Pokémon, but only 50% of common wildlife species.

35. In 1957, Tulsa in Oklahoma buried a Plymouth Belvedere to commemorate Oklahoma’s 50th anniversary. In addition, citizens entered guesses as to what Tulsa’s population would be in 2007 and the person who got closest would win the car. When the vault was opened 50 years later it was filled with water and the car was ruined.