Huntin’ Nerds

A trucker hauling computers and accessories is driving down the highway late one night when he sees a truck stop on the side of the road, so he decides to pull over. 

On approaching the door, he reads a sign: “NO NERDS”. He shrugs it off and enters. He is greeted by the end of a shotgun barrel in his face. “Are you a nerd?” the bartender asks. “No, I’m a truck driver”, he replies. He’s allowed to come in, so he orders a cup of coffee, sits at the bar and drinks it.

While he drinks his coffee, a man walks in wearing his pants up to his chest, a plaid shirt, pocket protector and thick-framed glasses. The bartender pulls out his shotgun and blows him away. 

“What the hell did you do that for!?” Asks the trucker. “Well,” the bartender answers, “it’s nerd season”. “Nerd season?” asks the trucker, confused. “Yeah. See, the nerd population in this town is getting out of hand, so we’ve opened up nerd season”.

So, with that, the trucker finishes his coffee and goes back on the road. While he’s driving, the car in front of him suddenly swerves and crashes. To avoid becoming part of the disaster, he swerves to get out of the way, loses control, and his trailer flips, and he dumps his load all over the road. 

He gets out of his truck to see nerds coming from all directions, grabbing everything they can. He doesn’t know what to do. He’s gotta stop this and remembers what the bartender told him. He goes back to his truck, pulls out his gun and starts picking them off, one by one.

While doing this, a highway patrol officer starts running after him, waving his arms screaming, “STOP! STOP!” “What?” the trucker asks, confused, “I thought it was nerd season.” “Well, yeah,” the officer answers, “but you can’t bait ’em!”