A woman wakes up on her day off

A woman wakes up on her day off and buys a parrot who used to be carried around by a call-girl at all times

Soon the woman started regretting this purchase;
the parrot just wouldn’t stop moaning things along the lines of “oh yeah, do it harder, yes, right there, I love it”

She called her husband George to inform him about the situation,
and he said he would take a look at the bird when he came home from work in a few hours,
so she waited for him in the front yard, where the bird could not bother her

When she saw the husband arrive, she jumped into his arms and,
traumatized by the parrot’s filthy words, begged the man to make the pet shut up

Furious, he walked inside the house and into the room where the parrot was in,
yelling: “Be quiet, you stupid, my wife is right there!”

The parrot immediately went quiet, and after staring at the man for a few seconds,

replied: “Oh, hi George, good to see you again.