10 Interesting Mysteries that have been Solved

In the age of 24×7 new channels, many cases come forward that are peculiar. In cases that are shrouded in mystery, news agencies to bombard the viewers with updates regularly. But after a few days, they fail to follow-up on the investigations and these cases fall out of limelight. People often assume such cases are unsolved, but this is far from the truth. So here are 10 Interesting Mysteries that have been Solved.

10The Body in Room 348

Greg Fleniken

In 2010, as Texas man named Greg Fleniken died of internal damage while chilling in a hotel room. Authorities could find no motive for the killing of popular oil-and-gas man Greg Fleniken and there was no explanation for how he had received his strange internal injuries.

After a lot of investigative work, they found out someone in the next room over had been drinking and playing with a gun when it went off. The bullet went through the wall and up Greg’s scrotum, and tore up his insides.

9Giving birth to rabbits

Mary Toft

In 1726, an English woman named Mary Toft became the subject of considerable controversy when she became pregnant, but following her reported fascination with the sighting of a rabbit, she miscarried. Her claim to have given birth to various rabbit parts prompted the arrival to a local surgeon, who investigated the matter.

Toft was taken to London and studied under intense supervision. Under intense scrutiny and producing no more rabbits she confessed to the hoax. It turns out she was shoving the pieces up there days before for the publicity. She was imprisoned for fraud and was eventually released without charge and returned home.

8Jesus Miracle

Jesus Miracle

A statue of Christ in Mumbai, India, was declared by residents as performing a miracle when ‘tears’ trickled down the statue at a local Church.

A skeptic traced the source of the water to a clogged toilet behind the wall condensing on the statue. The community backlash against the skeptic was severe. He faced 3 years of prison for blasphemy, received death threats, and had to seek exile in Finland.

7The McStay family disappearance.

McStay family

Joseph and Summer McStay and their little boys, Gianni and Joey Jr. disappeared in California in 2010. Eggs were left on the countertop of the McStay home. Pets were left alone and unattended.

Officials believed that they had gone to Mexico to start a new life. Mom was kind of sketchy. Police discovered that in January 2010 someone used the family computer to search for information about travelling to Mexico. Even a video was found of a border crossing that kind of looked like them. But there bodies were found buried in the desert. It turns out the dad’s business partner Charles Merritt killed the whole family for $30,000 which he borrowed from Joseph and buried them in shallow graves. Sad but at least their families know what happened and won’t be searching for them for years.

6Sailing stones

Sailing stones

Also known as sliding rocks, rolling stones, and moving rocks, are a geological phenomenon where rocks move and inscribe long tracks along a smooth valley floor. Trails of sliding rocks have been observed and studied in various locations, including the Death Valley. The first documented account of the sliding rock phenomenon dates to 1915, when a prospector named Joseph Crook from Fallon, Nevada, visited the Racetrack Playa site.

Many still consider it a mystery, but this puzzle was solved long ago. Rocks move when large ice sheets a few millimeters thick floating in an ephemeral winter pond start to break up during sunny days. These thin floating ice panels, frozen during cold winter nights, are driven by light winds.

5The Prophet Hen of Leeds

Prophet Hen of Leeds

In 1806, a hen belonging to a farmer in Leeds, England was laying eggs with messages like “Christ is Coming”. As news of this miracle spread, many people became convinced that doomsday was at hand. It turned out that the farmer was writing the messages himself using acid and reinserted them back into the hen.

4Disappearing Japanese

Disappearing Japanese

Through the 1970s and 1980s, many Japanese citizens disappeared. Although only 17 Japanese are officially recognized by the Japanese government as having been abducted, there may have been hundreds of victims.

It came to light many years later that North Korea had abducted them. The abductions of Japanese citizens from Japan by agents of the North Korean government happened during a period of 6 years from 1977 to 1983. The North Korean government has officially admitted to abducting 13 Japanese citizens.

There are testimonies that many non-Japanese citizens, including nine European citizens, have been abducted by North Korea. It is believed that they were abducted to teach Japanese culture and language to North Koreans in spy school. In 2002, North Korea released death certificates for eight people whom they claimed were dead, but in 2004 admitted that these certificates were hastily drafted shortly before.

Later, North Korea allowed the five victims that it said were alive to return to Japan, on the condition that they return later to North Korea. The victims returned to Japan on October 15, 2002. However, the Japanese government, listening to the pleas of the general public and the abductees’ families, told North Korea that the victims would not be returning. North Korea claimed that this was a violation of the agreement and refused to continue further talks.

3The Pioneer Gravity Anomaly

The Pioneer Gravity Anomaly

NASA’s two spacecraft; Pioneer 10 and Pioneer 11 have been subject to one of the longest and most tumultuous investigation of modern astrophysics.

A few months after the launch of the first space probe, scientists noted that the space probe wasn’t accelerating away from Earth the way they had predicted. The second space probe was launched and, a few months later the same thing happens. Both of them were accelerating faster than predicted.

Scientists were scratching their head. Does acceleration not work right? Does gravity just change really far away?

Investigations revealed that the heat from the radioactive generator was all coming off the same side of the space probe, and the extra particle radiation gave a “thermal recoil force” resulting in an extra acceleration of (no kidding) about 0.000000000874 m/s2. Over enough distance, it all counts.

2Death of Azaria Chamberlain

Azaria Chamberlain

Azaria Chamberlain was a 2-month old girl who disappeared while camping with her parents near Uluru. The prosecutors successfully tried her mother for murder and father as an accessory. During the entire ordeal it was insisted by her mother that Azaria was taken by Dingoes (native wild dogs in Australia). This was disregarded, as before this incident there were no records of dingoes showing any hostility towards humans or causing any attacks or fatalities nearby.

During this incident, police held four inquiries. After the second inquiry held in Darwin, Lindy Chamberlain was tried for murder, convicted on in 1982 and sentenced to life imprisonment. Azaria’s father, Michael Chamberlain, was convicted as an accessory and given a suspended sentence.

Several years later, an unrelated search not far from the campground was found a child’s coat, of the exact brand and description Azaria’s mother gave to the police, in an area littered with Dingo dens. The parent’s conviction was overturned and the case was established that in reality, she had been taken from her parents’ tent during the night, killed and eaten by dingos.

At a fourth inquiry held on 12 June 2012, Coroner Elizabeth Morris delivered her findings that Azaria Chamberlain had been taken and killed by a dingo. After being released, Lindy Chamberlain was paid $1.5 million for false imprisonment and an amended death certificate was issued immediately.

1Disappearance of Julian Buchwald and Carolynne Watson

Julian Buchwald and Carolynne Watson

Two people go on a picnic, only for them to be carjacked and kidnapped. Threatening notes are found in the homes of the missing peoples’ families, implying a Satatnic Cult is somehow involved. They wander in Australian bushland for over a week until they’re found. What happened?

The boyfriend planned the whole thing. He got out of the car to check on something and then, disguised himself as balaclava, he kidnapped and tied up his girlfriend and took her out into the bush. After cutting off both their clothes and burying them, he convinced her that he too had been kidnapped and tied up. They managed to free themselves before they spent a week wandering around the bush.

He did it to bring them closer together and to convince her to have sex with him. When they wandering the bush, Buchwald proposed marriage to his girlfriend and suggested they have sex to keep warmer. She declined.

Buchwald was sentenced to 7 years and 9 months in jail.