Woman goes to see a doctor

Woman goes to see a doctor about her bed private problem.

Doctor listens to her, nods sagely where appropriate and then tells her to undress.

Woman is a bit confused but does as instructed.

While she is undressing doctor places a big mirror on the floor and then tells woman to do a headstand over it.

Even more confused woman does as instructed, figuring doctor must know what he is doing.

As she does her thing doctor grabs her legs, pries them apart and places his chin between them.

He studies the mirror for a minute and then gently releases woman’s legs, helping her come down.

Once she is dressed he instructs her not to drink any liquids 3 hours before going to bed.

“Thank you doctor. But what was the deal with mirror and headstand?

I can’t see how that has anything to do with my problem or with treatment.” is woman curious.

“Oh, you are right, it doesn’t.” explains the doctor.  “I just wanted to see how I would look like with a beard.