Little Johnny’s Cleverness Takes Center Stage

The teacher decided to ask the class a riddle.

“Does anyone know how to put 2 holes into one hole?”.

None of the children knew the answer so it was their homework to go home and figure out how to put 2 holes into one.

The kids came back the next day and still, none of them knew the answer.

“I will show you the answer now children” says the teacher as he looks pretty chuffed with himself.

He proceeds to hold his pointer finger against his thumb making a little ring.

He then puts the ring he made with his fingers over his nose and says

“look, here is the hole I made with my fingers and it is covering the 2 holes on my nose”

All of the children are very impressed apart from Little Johnny who stands up and asks

“excuse me sir, but do you know how to put 7 holes into one hole?”

The teacher replies

“I have no idea Johnny, why don’t you tell us how do you put 7 holes into one hole?”

Little Johnny replies

“you simply sit on your recorder sir”.