Life in Middle Ages: 30 Historic Facts About the 13th Century

26Gaspard de Stérimberg

Gaspard de Stérimberg

In 1224, the Knight Gaspard de Stérimberg returned from battle wounded, and with permission from the Queen of France, he built a hillside sanctuary for his recovery, dubbed Hermitage Hill. Today, that hill is where Hermitage wine is produced.

27. In his 1225 essay on the nature of color (Du Luce/On Light), the English Bishop Robert Grosseteste described the birth of the Universe in an explosion and the crystallization of matter to form stars and planets in a set of nested spheres around Earth. This was seven centuries before the Big Bang theory was put forth.

28. Mathematician Ramon Llull, who discovered ether in 1275, became a Franciscan monk after trying to write a dirty poem three times and seeing a vision of Christ each time.

29. The setting for the videogame Ghost of Tsushima is based on an actual Mongol/Yuan invasion of Japan, starting at Tsushima Island in 1274. The invaders landed on Komoda beach, were held there until evening, where the battle ended in a final cavalry charge that ended with all of the defenders being slain.

30. In 1277, Pope John XXII was so worried about the discovery of the laws of nature, he declared them a heresy. Later that year gravity visited him, when the roof of the palace collapsed, killing him.