A business man from New York

A business man from New York decided to quit his job and buy a 200 acre spread in Montana.

One day while out riding his horse, he came across another man on horseback.

The man told him he was his next door neighbor and he was having a get-together the coming weekend.

He said, “I have to warn you though, there will be a lot of drinking at this party.”

The city slicker said, “No problem”.

“There will also be lovemaking going on.”

“No problem”, he responded.

“Well, there will probably be some fighting too.”

“I think I can handle myself”, claimed the new neighbor.

As he rode off, he turned and asked the party host, “By the way, what should I wear at the party?”

The man responded, “Oh, it don’t matter, It’s only going to be me and you!”