50 Random Facts List #13

26Loudness War

Loudness War

The trend of increasing audio levels in recorded music since the 90's, which critics believe reduces overall sound quality.

27. Worship of the ancient God Moloch included tossing babies into a heated bronze statue and that the Carthaginians copied this for their God Cronus.

28. The most common password in 2016 was 123456

29. George Michael had no idea why people liked Careless Whisper so much, and it was written while he was bored on a bus at the age of 17

30. Orthodox Jews are prohibited from walking past a motion sensor that will turn on a light on the Sabbath.

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31Fenn Treasure

Fenn Treasure

Two people have died searching for the Fenn Treasure, an alleged treasure chest buried in the Rocky Mountains by a rich art dealer whose goal was to get people off the couch and outdoors.

32. The word "slut" originally meant a messy or untidy woman

33. Uganda Proposed in the early 1900's that Jews be given a homeland in British East Africa.

34. The Democratic Donkey originated from opponents of Andrew Jackson, who they frequently referred to as a jackass. Jackson rolled with it and used the donkey on his campaign posters and the image has stuck since.

35. Baltimore issued a blanket prescription for all its residents to carry Narcan